How we work

MENCK supports all levels of the supply chain throughout the lifecycle of a project. With our superior expertise, a jacket structure will be securely anchored to the seabed in the most cost- effective way.

Utilising our extensive engineering know-how throughout all planning stages enables us to minimise any risk and optimise project performance where required.

Hammers & Spread

From 100 kJ to 3500 kJ, the MHU range of subsea hydraulic hammers represents over 140 years of experience in pile driving.

MENCK hammers are easy to operate, easy to maintain and maximize energy efficiency while striking hard. Delivering consistent energy for reliable pile driving above and under water, MENCK hammers are lightweight, with a small footprint and have many safety features.


MENCK provides the most common pile driving hammer sizes and spreads readily available for deployment across the world. Involving us in the planning stages as early as possible will enable us to reserve equipment and choose the most cost- effective and efficient method together.

We also support customers throughout the logistics and handling process, if required.

In Support Globally

MENCK is a global business with facilities in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific with multiple crews offshore at any given time.

With over 150 years of experience driving piles, MENCK confidently supports any subsea pile driving project anywhere, for any business.

In support of a project, MENCK provides a complete after sales service including logistics, training, technicians and parts supply.


Menck Projects

To see a series of MENCK pile driving projects in your industry, please visit:



Complete Subsea Services

MENCK provides additional subsea services in support. Together with Acteon Group companies, we offer:

  • Drilling
  • Vibrating
  • Lifting, Upending and Handling
  • Grouting
  • Pre-installation conductors
  • Survey
  • More...

Wind Power

For all levels of the wind power supply chain, click here for technical data and the latest developments from the wind power team at MENCK.

Civil Engineering

For engineers working on bridges and civil engineering projects, click here for technical data and the latest developments from MENCK.


Oil & Gas

For specific information, news and technical data from the MENCK oil and gas team, click here.



Selecting Hammers

This table provides key information about each MENCK hammer suitable for shallow water installations.

For more detailed information, please visit individual hammer pages or contact the MENCK team for advice or technical support.

Even with special requirements we are able to find the right solution for your project. Look at MENCK's pile size section to find equipment that fits with your project requirements.

MHU above & shallow water series

  Unit 270T 400T 500T 750T
Minimum energy kj 30 40 50 75
Maximum energy - surface kj 300 440 550 820
Maximum energy - 1000 m depth kj 270 400 500 750
Oil flow l/min 600 1000 1150 1600
Blow rate at max energy bl/min 40 38 38 38
Ram weight t 16.2 24.3 30.2 45.4
Total hammer weight t 30.8 49.1 59.8 79.6
Standard Configuration          
Pile sleeve   1.6m 60" 2.2m 84"
Total weight dry w/MHP DWS t 66 85.8 113.7 147.8
Total weight under water t 52.5 75.5 90 118.3
Hammer length w/pile sleeve m 12.7 14.5 16 17.6


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