MENCK GmbH has been a worldwide oil & gas industry partner for over a century. Time and time again, MENCK equipment has proved reliable, robust and trustworthy in the most adverse weather conditions at ever increasing depths.

MENCK's Jacket Design

When we introduced our first hydraulic hammer in 1979, the complete hammer system could pass through the guides on a jacket of conventional design allowing for a steam hammer as back up.

MENCK’s reliability proved itself quickly and soon platform jacket design evolved to structures with freestanding skirt piles, i.e. pile driving was done underwater.

MENCK Systems Pushing Limits

MENCK´s hammer concept, design and performance influenced the design for jackets and pushed the limits.

Traditional Oil & Gas installation has been at the core of MENCK’s development and success. Driven pile anchors work in most soil conditions. Surface systems including fixed platforms (jackets), TLP’s, SPAR’s, semi sub platforms, FPSO’s and CALM buoys, and subsea components such as riser buoys, PLEM’s, arcs and templates use driven piles for their foundations.

Driven pile anchors are the only anchor points that work well with catenary, semi-taut, taut and vertical mooring systems.

MENCK’s reliable products and engineering know-how have carved out a strong niche in this market.

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