For over 40 years MENCK has been providing clients with sophisticated pile driving technology on a range of projects. Our vast experience enables us to meet any challenge head on, wherever in the world you're based.


MENCK has conducted more than 700 successful foundation projects since entering the offshore industry in the 1960s. From the ice-cold Bering Sea to the depths of the Mexican Gulf, from the blustery Northern Atlantic to the scorching sun of the Middle East, up to humid Southeast Asia, MENCK’s equipment and employees are always ready to perform under any conditions, no matter how extreme.

Browse the project overviews below regarding market, region, installation depth, foundation type, product used or project framework to learn where MENCK has left its mark on the world.

Project Year

Project Category

Project Year Category Region
Walney Extension2017WindEurope / Great Britain
Rampion2016WindEurope / Great Britain
Gina Krog2016Conventional Oil & GasEurope / North Sea
Gina Krog2016Conventional Oil & GasEurope / North Sea
Wikinger Windfarm2016WindEurope / Baltic Sea
Burbo Bank Extension2016WindEurope / Great Britian
Burbo Bank12006WindEurope / Great Britain
Stampede2015DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
MOHO North Conductor2015DeepwaterAfrica / West Africa
MOHO North TLP2015DeepwaterAfrica / West Africa
Olmsted Locks & Dam2015Civil EngineeringNorth America / Illinois
Block Island2015WindNorth America / Rhode Island
Sandbank2015WindEurope / North Sea
Padma Bridge2015Civil EngineeringAsia / Bangladesh
Kitchen Lights Unit #32015Conventional Oil & GasNorth America / Alaska
Ivar Aasen2015Conventional Oil & GasEurope / Norway
TRNC Water Supply2014Civil EngineeringEurope / Turkey
Tester Project2009Deepwater
MOHO North FPS2014DeepwaterAfrica / West Africa
Litchendjili2014Conventional Oil & GasWest Africa / Congo
Amrumbank West2014WindEurope / North Sea
Shah Deniz 22014Conventional Oil & GasEurope / Asia - Caspian Sea
test project2016WindEurope
West of Duddon Sands Metmast2014WindEurope / Great Britain
WAC Mafumeira2014Conventional Oil & GasAfrica / West Africa
Big Foot2013DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Ayatsil2013Conventional Oil & GasNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
test1989Civil EngineeringEurope
Alma & Galia2013Conventional Oil & GasEurope / Great Britain
Olympus2013DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
HelWin Alpha2013WindEurope / North Sea
East Anglia Metmast2013WindEurope / Great Britain
Humber Gateway second Spread2013WindEurope / Great Britain
Humber Gateway2013WindEurope / Great Britain
Papa Terra2012DeepwaterSouth America / Brazil
Blyth Metmast2012WindEurope / Great Britain
BARD 12012WindEurope / North Sea
Globaltech I2012WindEurope / North Sea
Lincs2012WindEurope / Great Britain
Gwynt y Môr2012WindEurope / Great Britian
USAN2011DeepwaterAfrica / West Africa
Jalilah2011Conventional Oil & GasAsia / United Arab Emirates
Bien Dong2011Conventional Oil & GasAsia / Thailand
Papa Terra Conductor2011DeepwaterSouth America / Brazil
Horn Sea2011WindEurope / Great Britain
Noise Test Bay of Aarhus2011WindEurope / Denmark
North Sea East and Ijmuiden2011WindEurope / Netherlands
Waimea2010Conventional Oil & GasSouth America / Brazil
Port Mann II2010Civil EngineeringNorth America / Canada
Port Arzew2010Civil EngineeringNorth Africa / Algeria
Mumbai High South Re-Development2009Conventional Oil & GasAsia / India
Alpha Ventus2009WindEurope / North Sea
Fino 32008WindEurope / North Sea
Parque das Conchas - BC-102008DeepwaterSouth America / Brazil
Thunder Hawk2008DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Lynn & Inner Dowsing2007WindEurope / Great Britain
Q7 - Princess Amalia2007WindEurope / Netherlands
Kikeh2006DeepwaterAsia / Malaysia
Burbo Banks2006WindEurope / Great Britain
Greater Gabbard Metmast2005WindEurope / Great Britain
Constitution SPAR2005DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
North Hoyle2004WindEurope / Great Britain
Kizomba B2004DeepwaterAfrica / Angola
Magnolia TLP2004DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Front Runner SPAR2003DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Marco Polo TLP2003DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Medusa2002DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
West Seno - Phase 12002DeepwaterAsia / Indonesia
Samsø2002WindEurope / Denmark
Nansen SPAR2001DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Boomvang SPAR2001DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Carquinez Bridge2000Civil EngineeringNorth America / California
Utgrunden2000WindEurope / Baltic Sea
Marlin TLP1999DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Genesis SPAR1998DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Ram Powell TLP1997DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Mars1996DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Jamuna Bridge1995Civil EngineeringAsia / Bangladesh
Enserch Garden Banks 388 Field Development1994DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
Tokyo Bay1992Civil EngineeringAsia / Japan
Deepwater Field Trials1989DeepwaterNorth America / Gulf of Mexico
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