MHU2400S pile driving systems

MENCK’s MHU series of hydraulic underwater hammers in the 2400 kJ energy range are easy to operate and easy to maintain, but easy doesn't mean they lack in features. These top quality systems also maximise energy efficiency and come with many safety aspects.

How Does the MHU Series Work?

Part of MENCK’s above and shallow water series, the MHU2400S is submersible and delivers its blow directly to the pile, eliminating the need for expensive adapters and cushion rings. Energy is transferred directly from the ram to the pile, also eliminating the need for a cushion block.

The double acting hydraulic system produces energy efficiency upwards of 95%. The MHU anvil is designed for maximum energy transfer with built-in vent holes allowing water trapped inside the pile to escape.

Minimising Footprints and Effort

The lightest hydraulic pile driving system in its class, the MHU series is designed to minimise its footprint on a working barge. Our clients benefit by reducing the number of add-on´s (pile segments) for inclined jacket piles (less welding = less installation time).

The modular design allows for easy transport, assembly and maintenance. No special tools are necessary; mobilisation can be conducted in even the most remote locations, making your job that much easier.

Key features & Benefits

  •   Slim design with simple and uncomplicated operator controls
  •   Compatible with standard MENCK power packs and control systems
  •   Energy levels are seamlessly adjusted from 10% to 100% of design energy through
    the MHC 21 hydraulic control system with hammer performance monitored in real time
  •   Free riding and submersible up to 300 meters
  •   Quick and easy pile sleeve adaptation for various pile sizes,
    reducing set-up time thanks to the exchangeable insert system
  •   Suitable for subsea portable templates such as the StabFrame™
  •   Quick connect coupling for hydraulic hoses to save time during operation
  •   Suitable for operation on drilling vessels through moon pool
  •   Various options available to suit the application including vertical hose
    connection configurations in order to fit into tight spaces
  •   Higher energy output with a lower total hammer weight thanks to the double-acting
    hydraulic drive unit which not only pulls the ram weight up but also pushes it back down
  •   Lower ceiling clearance for transport and a smaller footprint on deck with
    offset lifting supports and eccentric pins
  •   Safety shut-off devices. If the shackle leaves its horizontal resting position, indicating tension
    on the crane line, the hammer automatically stops. Sensors monitor hammer to pile contact.
    If there is not proper contact to the pile, the hammer will not operate
  •   Reduced energy loss with the pressure compensation system. An external compressor fills
    the area where the hammer meets the pile with air. The system monitors the water level
    inside the pile sleeve, preventing water blows and associated energy loss
  •   Environmentally-friendly. A closed loop hydraulic system minimises
    the risk of oil emission and biodegradable oil is used

Operational Data*

  •  Minimum energy: 240 kJ
  •  Maximum energy - surface: 2400 kJ
  •  Oil flow at maximum energy: 4000 l/min
  •  Blow rate at maximum energy: 32 bl/min
  •  Ram weight: 120 t
  •  Hammer weight inc. ram: 243 t

Standard Configuration

  •  Pile sleeve: 108"
  •  Total hammer weight dry: 356 t
  •  Total hammer weight dry w/ballast: 356 t
  •  Total hammer weight under water: 288 t
  •  Hammer length w/pile sleeve: 21.6 m

Complementing the MHU hammers are system components and services such as:

The full MHU range:

MENCK provides a complete range of hammers up to 3500kJ for a variety of applications. Learn more about the makeup of the hammers.

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