MENCK’s MHU 150S and 300S Pile Driving Systems

MENCK Hydraulic Underwater Hammer MHU –S and –T series have played an essential role in the development and progression of offshore oil & gas explorations and developments from the very beginning.

MHU’s double acting hydraulic technology combined with the modular yet compact design delivers energy transfer efficiency of up to and above 95%, making the MHU series of hammers the lightest and yet most powerful system for every pile configuration required.

Outer Diameter (OD): 0.5 m (24-in.) - 2.2 m (84-in.)

The MHU 150S and MHU 300S hammers are both directly adaptable to pile sizes ranging from 0.5m OD (24-in.) to 2.2m OD (84-in.). In line with its integral design considerations, these hammers can be utilized for above water and shallow subsea operations in up to 300 m water depth. Once paired with MENCK’s deepwater girdle-type powerpack, the MENCK Hydraulic Deepwater Power Pack (MHP DWS), these hammers can support installation efforts in water depths down to 3,000 m (10,000-ft) effectively and efficiently. Notably, the integral part of the technology – the MHU hammer - is one and the same for every system and size.

Key features & Benefits

  •   Suits free-riding or leader-guided operations
  •   Meets specification to be operated off drilling vessels through moonpool
  •   Fits into tight spaces
  •   Plug-and-play setup using quick-connect couplings on hydraulic, hose and umbilical connections
  •   Highest net energy vs. system weight ratio in its class making it the lightest system on the market
  •   >95% net energy transfer, infinitely adjustable between to the precise energy output required
  •   Can be mobilized globally and deployed to 3,000 m water depth
  •   Flexible adaptation concept for quick-reconfiguration of system to different pile diameters
  •   Single-lift deployment for operations
  •   Closed-loop hydraulic system, configurable using biodegradable Oil
  •   Numerous safety systems to meet highest HSE standards and improve system lifetime
  •   Powered by MENCK's MHP power pack(s) of variable size
  •   Controlled through MENCK’s one-fits-all-hammers MHC 21 control unit
  •   Supported by MENCK’s MWI combi winch unit for ease of deployment and recovery
  •   Run by MENCK’s service technicians

Operational Data & Standard Configuration

  MHU 135T MHU 150S MHU 270T MHU 300S
Minimum Nominal Energy Output (10%)[kJ] 15 15 27 27
Nominal Maximum Energy Output | Surface & shallow water [kJ] 150 150 300 300
Nominal Maximum Energy Output | Deepwater @ 1,000 m WD [kJ] 135 135 265 265
Oil Flow Rate @ Max. Energy [ l/min ] 380 l/min 380 l/min 600 l/min 600 l/min
Ram Weight [ton] 8.2 8.2 16.2 16.2
Weight of Hammer incl. Ram [ton] 19.5 19.5 30.8 30.8


Outfitted with Anvil / Pile Sleeve 0.5 m – 1.6m Pile Diameter

  Length overall [m] 10.5 12.4
Total Weight, above water config. In air [ton] 35.6 45.3
Total Weight, above water config. submersed [ton] --- ---
Total Weight, submerged config. In air [ton] 35.6 52.3
Total Weight, submerged config. submersed [ton] 27.3 36.3
Total Weight deepwater config. In air [ton] 55.1 66.0
Total Weight deepwater config. submersed [ton] 39.3 47.4

For deepwater operations

For above water and shallow water operations


  • • MENCK’s Hydraulic Power Pack MHP 450 (MHU 150S) and MHP 800 (MHU 300S), or larger size
  • • 2.0-in. ID Hydraulic Lines (1x HP, 1x LP), optional on MENCK’s designated Combi Winch unit MWI
  • • MENCK’s Hammer Control Unit MHC 21
  • • Suitable Stock of Spare Parts & MENCK’s Workshop Container


For deepwater operations


  • • MENCK’s Underwater Power Pack Deepwater MHP DWS 48”
  • • MENCK’s Deepwater Umbilical Winch Unit MWI DWS, with suitable length umbilical
  • • MENCK’s Deepwater Air Compressor unit xxx
  • • MENCK’s Hammer System Control Unit MHC 21 DWS
  • • MENCK’s Deepwater Powercontainer MOC DWS, with integrated control & monitoring cabin
  • • Suitable Stock of Spare Parts for all MENCK System Components & MENCK DWS Workshop Container


Supplementing Services


  • • Project Management and Engineering Services fully supplementing and integrating into client's project team
  • • Highly-qualified and fully trained offshore service technician team, fully supplementing and integrated into client’s offshore team
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