Whatever your energy requirements, MENCK can supply hammers at various intervals from 100 kj to 3500 kj of power. Every project is different and energy requirements differ based on pile size, environment and water depth.

Finding the Correct Pile Size

To find out about each pile size, select your power requirements from the box on the right.

Standard pile sleeve data is provided, but please note that our insert system allows for quick and easy pile sleeve adaptation for various pile sizes.


In Support Globally

MENCK is a global business with facilities in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific with multiple crews offshore at any given time.

With over 150 years of experience driving piles, MENCK confidently supports any subsea pile driving project anywhere, for any business.

In support of a project, MENCK provides a complete after sales service including logistics, training, technicians and parts supply.


Menck Projects

To see a series of MENCK pile driving projects in your industry, please visit:



Complete Subsea Services

MENCK provides additional subsea services in support. Together with Acteon Group companies, we offer:

  • Drilling
  • Vibrating
  • Lifting, Upending and Handling
  • Grouting
  • Pre-installation conductors
  • Survey
  • More...
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