MENCK is familiar with all types of pile driving operations in deep and ultra deep water. If due to the water depth it is no longer efficient to operate the conventional way with an on deck power pack and hoses, we switch over to our unique deepwater power pack to operate our MHU T hammer designed for underwater operation. Pile driving beyond 2000 m water depth had already been carried out. We are now heading towards 3000 m.

Deepwater driven pile solutions have been found to be the most reliable and most easy to use anchor points. They allow easier positioning than drag anchors and are less sensitive to varying soil conditions than suction piles or plate anchors. They provide solid foundations for any kind of subsea architecture, e.g. anchor piles, subsea manifolds and foundation piles for subsea templates or risers.

MENCK Hammer Technology

MENCK DWS hammer technology has completed more than 45 deepwater projects, reaching depths of 2120 m (6,955 ft). With our existing equipment and technological advancements we will soon reach the 3000 m (9,842 ft) horizon.

In 1989, MENCK introduced the first MUP (MENCK Underwater Power Pack) deepwater system. Building the power pack onto the hammer reduced the dependency on large, heavy hoses to supply the hammer with oil. The smaller umbilical cable provides power, air and communications, allowing the hammer to go deep. The hammer itself is designed with a double-walled housing to be able to operate in ultra deep water.

Conductor piles

MENCK provides several methods to stabilise a conductor in deep and ultra deep water. Even small hammers with less weight are available in deep water like our specially developed MHU 100C. In ultra deep water, we use our MHP DWS 48", the smaller version of our deepwater power pack to supply the hammer. Ask for our expertise to drive conductors with a diameter of 36" or 48".

Anchor piles

MENCK supports you in pre-analysis to select the right installation equipment for your job. If there are special requirements like follower or pile stabilisation equipment, we have a lot of experience on different solutions we like to share with you to solve your problems.

Subsea foundation

MENCK had completed them all successfully: TPL, SPAR, DDF, DDCV, FPU, FPS, FPSO, .... Mooring anchors even if there is a chain connected to the pile were driven successfully in many different ways while driving in the past. The largest pile diameter in deep water was 5.0 m / 127", the deepest water depth up to now has been 2120 m / 6955 ft.

In Support Globally

MENCK is a global business with facilities in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific with multiple crews offshore, available at any time.

MENCK can confidently support any subsea pile driving project anywhere, for any business. In support, MENCK provides a complete aftersales service including logistics, training, technicians and parts supply.


Menck Projects

With over 150 years of experience driving piles, we have overcome all types of challenges, continually improving efficiency through innovation and excellent service.

Visit our projects page or see a series of MENCK pile driving projects or visit our dedicated oil and gas, wind power and civil engineering pages.



Complete Subsea Services

MENCK can provide additional subsea services in support. Together with Acteon Group companies, we offer:

  • Lifting and Handling
  • Grouting
  • Pre-installation conductors
  • More...
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