MENCK is a company with a long history, strong company culture and lasting reputation. We take pride that our work is highly specialized and that we are the top experts in offshore pile driving. We are always seeking dynamic people to become a part of our team and lead us into the future.

MENCK is able to offer secure employment on a permanent basis within a high-growth industry, in addition to an attractive, performance-based salary, extensive benefits like gym access, interesting career opportunities in functional and managerial roles, as well as the occasional international job or training assignment.

MENCK employs people with different talents and competencies. Each MENCK employee has the opportunity to grow – personally and technically. At the same time, we support our employees within their balance between work and private life through flexible work arrangements.

Our employees appreciate well-developed working conditions like:

Training and development

Employees at MENCK have a wide range of training options. We approach the development through a combination of education (classroom or shop-floor modules), experience (learning from colleagues in live work environments) and exposure (to new technologies, processes and ways of thinking). The most useful lessons can be learnt in practical work. We thus create a working environment that enables you to hone your skills day by day.

Performance management and individual feedback

There’s nothing like qualified feedback to help you advance. Thus, the dialogue between management and staff is very important to us. A central part of it is the appraisal interview in which employees and executives discuss overall performance and define individual aims for future career development. This includes a 180 degree feedback from your colleagues to help you to evaluate yourself from different perspectives.

Leadership at MENCK

As a management team, we are well aware of our role(s) at MENCK. We realize that our leadership qualities have significant impact on the success of the company, and that our success is measured by the guidelines we uphold. The feedback that we get from the employees we work with helps us to learn from our mistakes. We are open to, and actively seek, any and all constructive criticism and suggestions regarding the way we implement the company’s core principles, and subject ourselves to evaluation at regular intervals.

  • We strive to positively re-enforce our employees
  • We maintain a style of leadership that is at all times cooperative and appropriate
  • We engender an atmosphere of acceptance and responsibility
  • We encourage co-operative interaction
  • We maintain open, informative, and transparent guidance for our employees

Specialist careers

For a high-tech company like MENCK, expertise is the key to stay ahead in the market. Therefore, aside from management careers, we provide experts with the opportunity to take responsibility for strategic tasks. This career opportunity is similar to a management career and completely open for further professional development.


The education of young professionals is an important concern for MENCK. We do apprenticeships in the fields of industrial clerk, mechatronics, technical product design and IT. We therefore offer many development opportunities and young people could be sure that we offer support internally and externally through external trainings in order to get a very good training qualification at the end. We believe in our trainees because we seek a common future after the apprenticeship.

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