Our Company Vision

MENCK provides specialised hydraulic pile driving solutions and project management for customers in oil & gas, renewable energies and civil engineering. The company offers a wide range of hammers, from 100 to 3500 kJ, supported by a complete after-sales service programme.

Our core values

Commitment - Commitment and a positive attitude when facing new challenges are core attributes of our employees. In all our relationships, commitment and reliability are the focus of our actions. We are always willing to achieve targets and strive to exceed them with excellence.

Responsibility - We embrace responsibility in all of our actions. The safety of our employees, the protection of the environment, and the satisfaction of our customers are all indispensable parts of our entrepreneurial thinking for the success of our company.

Openness - We do disclose challenges and problems openly for the benefit of a collaborative solution. Open dialogue on our failures is a well-received feedback to us providing the opportunity to learn and improve for the future. We value honest, objective and clear communication while formulating precise expectations. Our values are based on respect, fairness and openness.

Creativity - We are creative in our approach, fresh-minded in our thinking and willing to take on new challenges. The benefit of a novel solution to our clients is the foundation of our success. We honour the variety in professional experiences, local background, and different characters that form our team.

Integrity - We are supportive and our working environment is founded on respect, common values and good will. Integrity is the backbone to our commitment, responsibility, openness and creativity.

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