Quality, Health, Safety, Environment (QHSE) and Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are important issues to MENCK. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all of our employees and those that work with and alongside us who may be affected by our operations.


MENCK is dedicated to providing innovative solutions, superior quality and unbeatable service for all of its products and service offerings.

Achieving excellent service and customer satisfaction requires fast response time, understanding customer objectives and dedication to completing a job well done. To ensure excellent quality of our services and products, MENCK continuously plans and monitors all business processes. Implementing improvement initiatives for our processes involving not only employee feedback but also close involvement of our customers.

We have implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) based on ISO 9001:2015 and have been re-certified since December 2017. Our quality policies are continuously reviewed internally and externally to ensure the highest quality standards for our customers.

Please find more information about our MENCK Quality Policy:

  • “From customer orientation to customer satisfaction”: this is our guideline. We think that in all cases, we should exceed customer expectation. We start by finding out exactly what our customers need from us and work to surpass those needs.
  • The individual performance of every employee affects the quality of our goods and services, and it is only through the quality of our products and services that we can help each customer to achieve any objectives.
  • Our customer’s needs evolve, and we must evolve with them to meet those needs. Our approach to our organization, its infrastructure, and our products and services must include the perspective that “change is good”.
  • Customer specifications, industry standards, and other regulations affect the way we do business. We tailor our approach to each customer through careful and continuous planning, diligent oversight and superior safety adherence.
  • Our overall product, including services, relies on the dedication of the entire MENCK staff through various processes that monitor quality assurance at all levels. Our diligence, with input from our customers, is vital to raising the bar.
  • All employees and suppliers of the MENCK will be informed about our quality policy.
  • The MENCK quality policy will be reviewed regularly, with open discussion from all those involved. In evaluation, the viability of the policy shall be considered with input from all affected departments.


MENCK is committed to employee and workplace safety, to minimize the risk of injury, damage to property and preventing environmental pollution as an ethical and social obligation.

Our safety culture is that no member of staff should have suffered injury or have caused harm to anyone else in any way. The MENCK vision is to achieve zero harm through effective management of safety in all aspects of its operations. In simple terms, it is unacceptable for people to be injured while working for us and we insist that all employees should return home fit and well and the end of each shift.

Our Integrated Management System meets requirements of the Occupational Health- and Safety Management System (ISO 45001:2018). We have defined and implemented safety processes to recognize and mitigate hazards and to monitor safety activities.

Each employee has the duty to recognize risks and take appropriate action to mitigate hazardous situations.

We adhere to all German Laws and regulations concerning work safety, health protection and environmental protection. We hold ourselves to these high standards in all countries where we work as well as striving to comply with local regulations.

Please find more information about our MENCK HSE-Policy:

  • Personal motivation and performance are affected by one’s health and well-being, the identification of potential for improvement as well as the assurance of our long-term existence are the benefits of getting actively involved with the subject.
  • Our HSE policy is addressed to our staff, our business partners and interested parties, and include the tasks and obligations resulting thereof.
  • The Works Council is integrated in plans and solutions. Just as management has the general responsibility to view health and environmental safety controls as top priority, every individual on the team is obliged to report any hazard, and has the right to see it resolved.
  • The success factors and key fields of activity for the realization of our HSE-Policy are: workplace design and equipment, the management system and modes of human behaviour.
  • We achieve the goals set by our HSE-Policy by integrating the HSE-Policy in the company’s goal process, by making sufficient means and resources available and by controlling the implementation process.
  • We develop our safety expertise by securing the flow of information and through our commitment to the observation of the principles of all types of information, training and courses of instruction.
  • We impact our environment by evaluating our suppliers’ acceptance of our standards as well as through our customers, by comparing their standards within the context of mutual discussion.

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Acteon Group encourages each of the branded service companies to do what is appropriate for the business. This could link to MENCK locality, environments we operate in or the communities that surround us.

We are committed to the countries in which we operate, and we always recognise our wider responsibilities to the environment in which we live and work. We work with local supply chains wherever possible and employ local people at every opportunity, and our companies identify areas of community involvement where our voluntary efforts can make a difference.

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