"The hand of the injured was still between tool and hammer housing as the hydraulic working process was triggered" reads the final report that was dated June 7th, 2008. An accident has occurred that has left a MENCK employee injured, unable to continue his shift and to attend to this next shift the following day.

"It is unacceptable that incidents like this happen", Fabian Hippe says, Managing Director at MENCK GmbH, and goes on "There is no reason why we can't have an incident-free workplace for our people, independent of what we do and where we are."

MENCK has a strong focus on safety fully supported by its shareholder Acteon Group and continuously caters to the system and training to ensure improvement and awareness at all times. "Training of our employees, proper preparation and assessment of the works we do and integrated mitigation measures combined with the professional supervision of the tasks on hand are the four pillars that support and ensure our safety culture today", Dr. Eckhard Zamboni says, HSE Management Lead at MENCK who together with Dagmar Plöhn, HSE Manager at MENCK GmbH and her counterpart Mohamed Syafiq Bin Mohamed Noor at MENCK Pte in Singapore form the MENCK Group HSE Team and support in-house and field operations.

"This is a significant milestone on our road to continuous safety for our employees, that we could not have made without the commitment and dedication of all of our employees. We will continue this journey to ensure that all of us return safely back home from every job we do", Fabian says.

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