MENCK is the world's leading provider of equipment and services for the installation of piles. Our top-of-the-range pile drivers come backed up with over 150 years' experience of establishing foundations and structures of any size, anytime, anywhere.

Serving the oil and gas, windfarm and civil construction markets, MENCK's hammer technology is able to operate in some of the most hostile climates around the world.


The unique technology MENCK provides ranges from large + 6.5m monopile installations to the installation of subsea piles at water depths below 2,000m. Whatever the application, MENCK's equipment is tough, reliable and always up to the challenge.

Together with its strong, innovative technologies MENCK prides itself on providing outstanding services from initial consultations, all the way through a project and beyond.

And finally, the ultimate foundation to MENCK's years of success is its authentic partnership with its clients. At MENCK, a positive outcome for our clients is the fundamental goal and key to our company values. Only when our clients are happy is the job done.


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